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Push Framework is an open source C++ library for high-performance server development. The design is ideal for the scenarios where a large number of connected clients are engaging in real time.
Beside handling the standard request-response workflow, the library is also designed to stream data (broadcast data) to large groups of connected clients maintaining overall efficiency and rules of QoS specific to each broadcast queue.

You can monitor the real time activity of your PF-powered server using a Deploy-only Dashboard. It will show detailed metrics about visitors, bandwidth, processing (throughput) and broadcast QoS, which would allow you to optimize and tackle performance problems with great comprehension.

There is a dedicated website at your disposal to learn more and download complete examples around this library :

As of February 1st 2013, a Visual C++ Custom Wizard is available to easily create a PF-based server project, by generating all code for you

January 14th 2014: Chess Composer, a client server chess application for real time blitz play is online ! The server part of this application is based on Push Framework.


Custom Development:

If you are convinced of the benefit to use Push Framework in your application, and if you lack the development work force then you can ask for development service. As an independent contractor I am open to hearing your requests whether you want to implement a new idea or even adapt an existing application.

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